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Ayurjeet’s Charcoal face wash removes daily impurities like dirt, oil, and pollution, and cleans a man’s skin inside out. Other skin benefits also include smoother, clearer, and fresher looking skin. If a man has dark spots, acne, and wants to control the oil levels of his skin, the charcoal face wash is beneficial.

The Power of Charcoal

Charcoal has been around since the earliest human civilizations. It was used as a fuel to generate steam power and heat, among other things. In the 1800s, a doctor fed charcoal (supposedly mixed with chimney soot) to prevent two poisoned individuals from certain death.

What made him think it would work? Who knows. All we know now is that he was able to come up with a brand new emergency solution for poisoning, acknowledged as a viable emergency treatment by the World Health Organization in 1990.

Today, charcoal is still used in hospital ER’s as a first-aid solution for individuals who might have been poisoned. It works by binding to toxins in the body and flushing them out since charcoal can’t be digested.

Given this basic understanding of how charcoal works, lots of natural health advocates have tried to explore the possibilities of this natural substance. What they found was no less than astounding.

The Benefits of Charcoal for Skincare

Blemishes, pimples, and acne are caused by several different factors. These include dirt, dry skin cells, oil, and exposure to free-radicals around us. Many of the skincare products available try to address all of these dangers, but none of them have really come close to being an all-around solution.

Enter activated charcoal.

Pimple and Acne Prevention and Treatment

When used on the skin, charcoal can provide similar benefits to those it offers the gut. The absorbent material binds to dirt, oil, and grime on your face and takes them along when you rinse. Using it regularly can help prevent the development of blemishes and may even resolve acne over time.

You may also notice that charcoal can prevent the overproduction of oil. Using charcoal facial wash leaves a thin film of the active ingredient on your skin. Think of this as an invisible oil-film, absorbing the excess sebum secreted by your sebaceous glands.

Unlike other facial washes that pose a risk to sensitive skin, charcoal doesn’t seep in through the dermis. Activated charcoal will not be absorbed into your skin, and is thus unlikely to trigger any sensitivities. But it doesn’t end there.

Minimizing and Managing Wounds and Cuts

Activated charcoal has been known to treat infections and minor wounds which are commonly associated with more severe cases of acne. The substance normalizes pH balance and absorbs bacteria to speed up the process of healing. This soothes acne, relieves the existing scars, and limits your skin’s exposure to agents that could exacerbate the condition.

Preventing Premature Aging

In the area of anti-aging, charcoal-infused facial wash might also be beneficial. As an active ingredient, charcoal can reinforce skin elasticity. This prevents the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related skin problems.

Minimizing Pores

If you’ve got large pores, charcoal might be able to lend a hand. The substance binds and clings to substances that may lodge into your pores, emptying the hollows and allowing them time to breathe and return to their original size.

The fact that charcoal also prevents the overproduction of oil helps it reduce the size of pores. That’s because the natural shine might accentuate the appearance of your pores, and maintaining a powder fresh finish may help draw attention away from their size.

Exfoliating Cleanser

Finally, charcoal face wash may be used as a makeup cleanser. The gentle exfoliating texture works away creams, powders, mascara, and other makeup products with ease. If you came face to face with lots of smoke, dirt, and sweat throughout the day, this feature might also be particularly beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Everyone’s skin is different. While charcoal might be a great solution against a variety of skincare problems, it’s always best to try a combination of products to help you discover the best remedy for your skincare woes.

Even then, most individuals have found that charcoal face wash works well as a stand-alone skin care solution. So make sure you give it a try and find out if you’re one of the many millions who have found pimple-free perfection by incorporating charcoal-infused facial wash into their daily skincare routine.


Charcoal evacuates excessive oils and purifies the skin. Charcoal helps in opening up the clogged pores and removing the whiteheads. Charcoal wipes out bacteria, dirt, impurities, toxins caused due to excessive exposure to pollution from your skin.


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